Land Project

We have a lent land in host community where we grow our food that we use to feed the children in our home. However we need support from donors and friends as to support the organization.

Agriculture Project

We want to plant maize mostly and a small banana plantation garden The banana plantation will act as a model farm for our children and to feed them not sold The maize will help us to feed the children and the poultry as well

Orphanage Home

We intend to build a new orphanage home for the vulnerable children under our care. At the moment we just help these children from their respective home and some times we just meet in a poor shelter. What we want to do is build a conformable home for them.

Water Project

Many villages in Uganda don’t have clean water. Children move long distance in search of safe clean. Therefore to solve that problem, we stay up a project to buy a tank at the orphanage home